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"How do we visit the land in our head and the place in our heart that music takes us to?   Can I get a round-trip ticket?"

-- David Byrne of Talking Heads in WIRED, January 2008

We create Image Games -- guided fantasy journeys set to music.  An Image Game is like a movie, where the listener is the main actor and the moving pictures are in the listener's mind. 

By providing suggestions visual and auditory imagery and other sensory experiences against the background of a rich and suggestive musical score, an Image Game narrator leads the listener on an entertaining, thought-provoking imaginary journey.  The listener is an active participant in the creation of the journey, guided by suggestions skillfully designed to give optimal choice and freedom for personal expression as the journey unfolds.  Image Games have been distributed exclusively by Night Stage Productions since 1976. 

"Very, very interesting....  Took me to another world."  --  Jon Anderson of YES

Alfeios: The Endless River is a collaboration between Steve Kossor and Joshua Amyx.  With the kind permission of the Rosslyn Chapel Trust, this Image Game leads the listener on an imaginary journey after discovering a secret, hidden passage that opens the way to the Alfeios River (the legendary "Endless River" of ancient origin).  Traveling back in time to ancient Arcadia (the site of the original Olympic Games in Greece) you meet the people who would become the muses and gods of history, marvel at their creative and fantastic construction abilities, and return to the present time riding the Alfeios "by the sea route" in a boat constructed for you by the master craftspeople of ancient Arcadia, set to the driving rhythms of Lexy by Circa Paleo.  Narrated by Michael Marzella (whose voice is immediately recognizable as the spirit of Henry VIII at U.S. Renaissance Festivals) this Image Game breaks new ground and sets a new standard for entertainment and inspiration.  The CD includes a version narrated by Mr. Marzella followed by the instrumental version (where you can marvel at Joshua's amazing musical composition and performance skills), then a version narrated by Jim Lueck, (in a distinctive Scottish brogue you're sure to recognize), followed by a "mini" Image Game called See You Soon (composed entirely by the creator of Image Games, Steve Kossor, featuring vocals by Kathie Kossor).  The video for See You Soon can be viewed on Youtube here.  The Alfeios CD with Michael Marzella and Jim Lueck narrating is available now at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere.  A High Definition CD of Alfeios is available now for $8 directly from Night Stage Productions.  Write to for information about the HDCD offer (or to request a free download if you subscribe to Steve Kossor's YouTube channel).

Eden is a guided fantasy journey celebrating the Earth we have inherited from all of our ancestors. The history of our planet, the dawn and development of human civilization, and the nurturance of the human spirit are captured in words synchronized to evoke vivid images and inspire the imagination. Five values have nurtured the human spirit throughout history, promoting recovery, rejuvenation and reinvention: tell the truth, share fairly, help others, be thankful and move forward. If the human spirit guides our technology in the search for Eden, imagine what might be ahead for us to look forward to. The expanse of our future might eclipse the depth of our past....   With contributions by Circa Paleo and other inspired musicians.   A Video version of Eden (combined DVD, MOV and MP3 versions) became available in December of 2013 at CD Baby for $14.   Most of the video can be viewed on YouTube here.   A High Definition CD of Eden is available for $8 directly from Night Stage Productions.  Write to for more information about the HDCD offer.

La Mer is a guided fantasy journey set undersea and back in time, to witness the sinking of a Spanish Galleon during a hurricane in the Caribbean.   After becoming comfortable under the water (bringing your own air supply and light source with you), you explore the ocean.  With water covering nearly all of the earth's surface, you can visit any underwater place you've ever imagined.  You watch as the Galleon sinks, saving sailors one by one by touching each above the nose, causing a shimmering silvery bubble to form around their heads, carrying them safely to the surface (and starting legends told through the centuries of "mer-people" saving sailors beneath the waves). You find your way back to your own time by swimming furiously against an onrushing current, coming back from the 16th century to tonight, and emerge from the waves knowing exactly where that ancient Galleon rests on the sea floor, with all of its incalculable treasure, waiting for you.  The Instrumental version is included with purchase of La Mer.  A High Definition CD of La Mer is available for $8 directly from Night Stage Productions.  Write to for more information about the HDCD offer.

THE AMP is a guided fantasy journey through the inside of a stereo system amplifier set to a blistering rock music score.  After being drawn inside, the listener encounters several music chambers where various types of musical and sensory experiences occur, culminating in "the electron spin" in which the listener (holding fast to a whirling electron) is catapulted at the speed of light into the farthest reaches of the amplifier, from which the listener follows a path out by following "a thin trickle of pale blue electricity" that runs into the rushing torrent of energy that is heading out of the amplifier.  The listener jumps into the flow and rides a "tubular roller-coaster" through the speaker wires before exiting through the speakers and "rematerializing" while floating across the room, returning.  The instrumental version is included with purchase of THE AMP.  A High Definition CD of The AMP is available for $8 directly from Night Stage Productions.  Write to for more information about the HDCD offer.